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I began writing manuals during my first loudspeaker design job with Mordaunt-Short and have continued ever since. Simple loudspeaker manuals are now however the exception. Complex, software driven and network connected audio product manuals are the norm and it is often the case that the act of writing the manual contributes to refinement of the product's user interface.

I've written manuals for many of the UK's best known specialist audio brands including:
Naim Audio, Bowers & Wilkins, Acoustic Energy, ATC Loudspeakers, Exposure Electronics and Myryad.

The links below open some examples of recent manual work for Bowers & Wilkins and Naim Audio. For Bowers & Wilkins I provide just the raw copy, while for Naim Audio I provide a complete service that includes copy, diagrams, design, typography and multi-language page layout.

Despite perhaps being the least often read of all publications, a clear and informative user manual can lead a customer from frustration to satisfaction. And as consumer products become ever more sophisticated, the occasions on which a customer needs to "RTFM" multiply.