I’ve been involved in playing and recording music since I first picked up a bass guitar in my late teens – although I suspect that for quite some time after I picked up that guitar, the term “music” would have required a relatively broad definition.

I’ve been lucky enough to play and record with some wonderful musicians over the years and I count many of them among my friends. Some of their, and my, efforts can be heard via the SoundCloud links. My musical activities don’t just involve playing bass. I’m heavily involved in engineering, production and mixing too.

Currently I play bass in a Brighton based “alt-folk” band, The Galleons, and have a Pro Tools based studio at home that gets used for Galleons’ and various other projects.

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Daniel Mulhern, now a successful composer for film and TV, released an album of songs, Pigeon Coup, in 2006, on which I played bass. This track, one that I engineered and mixed, was from a live recording session that in many ways turned out to be the “demo” for the album. Along with me on bass it features Dan on guitar and vocals, Oli Mayne on vibes and Alice Macgill on cello. Sadly, Alice never got to play on the actual album recordings. She lost her life in the Asian Tsunami of 2004. A charitable trust, Music for Alice, set up in her name by her friends and family, helps support talented young musicians.

This is a track by Brighton band Nordic Giants that I was asked to remix. The vocal is by Cate Ferris and the electric upright bass by me. The original, and very different mix of Shine, can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/nordicgiants

I'm a member of Brighton "alt-folk" band The Galleons. This is my favourite track from our debut album. The album was recorded by the brilliant Matin Levan at Red Kite Studio and mostly mixed by me. I also played bass on it. Other Galleons are Ben Brocket, Joe Baker, Beth Chesser, Paul Coventry and Viktorija Mutore. I Know was written by Ben Brockett.

Richard Cousins is a Hampshire based Songwriter who I've been collaborating with for many, many years. I played bass on this track along with recording, producing and mixing it.

Foo Foo was Lisa Fitzgerald and Jan Raey on guitars and vocals. Shoulda Seen His Face was from their second album, Sweet As Hell. I played bass on the album, co-produced it, recorded it, and mixed it.

If you’re viewing this on an iOS device, there’s a good chance that SoundCloud links above are dead or even invisible. Sorry about that. You can of course simply click here: www.soundcloud.com/philberish