Welcome to my web site. Within these pages you’ll find out about stuff that I do to keep the roof over my head, and about stuff that I do because it’s creative and enjoyable. I’m fortunate enough that quite often the two overlap. If you’re in a hurry and don’t expect to get past this page, the paragraphs below offer condensed introductions.


I’ve been writing user guides and technical manuals, primarily for consumer electronics companies, for 25 years. Sometimes my contribution to a manual is just the raw text, and sometimes I produce a finished print or download ready document with numerous illustrations and in multiple languages.


My design engineering degree and enthusiasm for music drew me naturally into loudspeaker design. I began in an engineering position with Mordaunt-Short in 1982 and have worked with many UK audio companies since. Along the way I’ve designed numerous successful and award winning products.


I began contributing music reviews and occasional feature articles to audio magazines in 1985. Since becoming self employed in 2000,

I have expanded my magazine writing to encompass audio product reviews, music technology pieces and music features.


I have been representing US luthier Joe Veillette in the UK since 2005. Joe and his colleagues custom build utterly beautiful acoustic and electric guitars and basses in Woodstock NY. I’m fortunate to have a few pass through my hands as they make their way to customers in the UK.

Audio Icons is my limited edition print project inspired by British hi-fi design and engineering of the 1970s and 1980s.


In my teens, inspired by bass players Jaco Pastorius, Percy Jones and Eberhard Weber, I bought a very cheap second-hand bass guitar and taught myself to play – in a somewhat idiosyncratic style. I’ve owned numerous rather better instruments since and been lucky enough to play and record with equally numerous great musicians.