A few years ago, while strolling along a London street, I passed a print gallery. In the window of the gallery was a limited edition print that illustrated a group of 1970s transistor radios. I loved the print, and although it was way out of my price league, it set me thinking. Soon after seeing the transistor print I began work on illustrating a few favourite old British hi-fi speakers and amplifiers. I wanted the illustrations to be fundamentally accurate, but also to communicate the warmth and personality that product photography rarely delivers. Every once in a while I’d pick the project up again and do a little more work. Audio Icons is the finished result.

The illustrations that comprise Audio Icons are created through a variety of digital techniques and based on a combination of personal experience, photographic research and manufacturer’s data. The illustrations portray each design as accurately as possible, while at the same time capturing something of the extraordinary creativity, engineering skill and enthusiasm that went into each one. The amplifiers and speakers illustrated are: Musical Fidelity A1, Sugden A48, Naim NAP250, Meridian 101B, Quad 405, Armstrong 621, Mission 770, Naim SBL, Mordaunt-Short Pageant II, KEF 104/2, Acoustic Energy AE1, Linn Isobarik, Celestion SL6, Gale GS401, Bowers & Wilkins DM110.

The prints are made on high quality fine art paper and are supplied rolled and ready for framing. Prints are numbered and signed.

Audio Icons prints can be purchased from the Audio Icons website: